How We Work

Regardless of the client, issue, or methodology we ultimately use, Greenleaf’s central commitment is to provide our clients with empirically grounded, fresh, rich insights and strategic recommendations that will help them make well-informed decisions for their businesses and organizations.

Given the ever-changing pace and nature of our clients’ businesses, their customers and the world in which they interact, every engagement with Greenleaf is custom designed, but disciplined by three simple but powerful requirements:

Every study is designed and aligned with specific business objectives defined in advance with the client. Upfront work in defining these objectives invariably pays off because we are clear about what we need to find out and how the insights will be used in real-life decisions.

The results — our findings — are analyzed  through the lens of these specific objectives, and our insights and conclusions are clear, strategic, and actionable.

Greenleaf’s approach is interpersonal — we interact very directly with our research participants because we strongly believe that the human connection  is key to establishing trust and unlocking honest, unfiltered, and sometimes surprising insights that make all the difference.

Once that live, personal connection is made, it can branch to other communication platforms: email, social media, online bulletin boards and blogs, etc. — for continued conversation and relationship building with our research participants.