Client Testimonials

Our clients will tell you, again and again, they never worry and always get the best when they work with Greenleaf

“Marcia Trook and Deborah Isenstadt are among the most skilled qualitative research experts I’ve encountered in my 25+ year career in market research. In fact, it’s quite difficult to find partners that can match the high standards set by Greenleaf Associates. They bring their expertise to our projects every step of the way from defining our goals through implementing results. In the ongoing challenge to understand the evolving needs of our marketplace, it is reassuring to know I can always count on Greenleaf.”


Tina Gallo Silberman,
Market Research Director
Harvard Business Publishing


“Marcia Trook is always a joy to work with. Her organizational abilities and strategic insights make her the best moderator I worked with during my 30 year career. As a strategic consultant, Marcia offers helpful suggestions for how to address issues in order to obtain the information needed to make decisions. She is able to handle complex tasks and yet deliver clear and concise insights and recommendations in readable yet detailed reports. No matter what group she worked with in our organization they were always pleased with the quality of the process and the learnings delivered by Marcia. I would recommend Marcia to anyone looking for a strong strategic consultant and moderator.”


Heather Cannon,
Former Director of Consumer Insights
Electrolux Major Appliances

“I have worked with Deborah Isenstadt for more than 15 years and she is the best — simply, the best. She has an innate ability to get to the core of the issue, tease it out and report on it in a meaningful and actionable manner. She is extremely strategic and gives 100% to every project. I have engaged with her on both consumer and B2B projects and she is as good with the one, as she is with the other. I’m fortunate that I met with and worked with Deborah very early in my career because it showed me how great a project can be and the difference in caliber of moderators. With Deborah, you not only get a moderator, but you also get a consultant. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do so. I can’t endorse her any more highly than by saying she is the best and I would recommend her to anyone.”


Director, Market Research and Insights
Major Industrial Distributor

“It has been a wonderful pleasure working with Deborah Isenstadt over these past several years. I consider ‘finding’ her as one of my 10 greatest contributions to the Organization. Deb is professional in every sense of the word and represents the finest the focus group moderator business offers. And that comes after 40 years worth of looking through that lens. Deborah’s greatest (of many) talents is making her clients look better by anticipating their questions and diving headfirst and with gusto into her assignments. And on top of all that, Deb always displays a basic human component that makes her feel she is part of the family. What a talent!”


Norman J. Kaplan,
Market Research Manager (retired 2012)

“When I work with Greenleaf, I never worry about a thing. Nothing ever slips through the cracks, even with extremely tight deadlines. They are always one step ahead in the planning and execution of any research we have thrown at them. Greenleaf manages to have an amazing balance between managing the research process, interacting with business clients, and driving great honest discussions with customers. They also deliver on the insights and help to keep us honest by always promoting the voice of the customer (rather than letting us “selectively” hear the customer feedback). Without fail, my internal clients comment on how wonderful Marcia is at leading groups and providing great service to them. She continues to partner with us to truly understand our customers and business, which make her insights even more pointed and valuable. Greenleaf is always my first choice for research projects.”


VP of Research, Major Retailer