Onsite Insights

In the moment qualitative research PLUS!

In 2012, Greenleaf partnered with StudioNow/AOL to develop and launch On-site Insights, our proprietary quali-quant in-person approach specially designed for:

  • quick snapshots of the consumer/customer at point of experience
  • ¬†iterative product development and communications research

Clients receive a beautifully produced video report deliverable that allows them to:

  • get both qualitative and quantitative results from a single study
  • see and hear their customers and prospects consider, reflect, comment and respond
  • delve deeply and interactively into the responses that drive our conclusions and recommendations.

On-Site Insights also offers custom panels from our interviews for future contact. Each respondent is invited to register for a panel for future research; nearly 90% of respondents do so after the enjoyable experience of our on-site interviewing.