Whether it’s hypothesis testing, new product or concept development, customer satisfaction assessment, or any other marketing issue facing our clients, Greenleaf Associates expertly designs and applies appropriate in-depth research tools and techniques to mine qualitative insights for business decision-making. Our services include:

Facility based in-person research

Greenleaf continues to champion the in-person facility-based research model; we conduct hundreds of focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads, triads and other forms of face-to-face research every year, in traditional facilities around the country.

With real-time remote viewing capabilities, our clients can be present even if they are far away, and they agree that there is no substitute for a genuine, expertly managed in-person conversation or discussion to get to the root of the issues.

In the moment (where they are) in-person research

Other forms of in-person research are often required to get to the people we want to talk to in the moment or situation we want to understand, e.g.:

  • Ethnographic research — in-home, in-office observational research
  • Ad-hoc interviews and discussion panels at conferences and in many other situations, as well as custom locations selected and arranged for the purpose of the study
  • On-Site-Insights  — Greenleaf’s latest new technique — takes ad hoc, in-person research to a new level.
Phone interviewing and conferencing

If we cannot get to our respondents in person (for example, very busy executives, or respondents all over the country), we often talk to them during pre-arranged in-depth interviews on the phone.  Again, we believe in the power of the voice conversation as a means of establishing trust and connection.

Hybrid in-person and digital platform approaches

We complement our in-person research with new technologies that allow respondents to give thoughtful input at a more leisurely pace, from their homes, offices, or other places in real life.  Online bulletin boards and video diaries are just two examples of such technological complements we use when appropriate.